Your Ancestry Taxi Tour

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A very personal and a very unique Ancestry Taxi Tour of London. Discover where and how your family lived centruies ago. Walk the streets they walked, sit in the churches  they sat in, reach back in to the past.

Your private ancestry taxi tour will be a uniquely powerful and emotive experience to say the least.   

With your family history, our own London research and a little bit of imagination we will take you on a journey across London and into the past.  At the end of the tour the question ‘who do you think you are’ will have become redundant, and you can stand there confidently and say ‘I know who I am! 

All of the London historical research, relevant to your ancestral tour will be undertaken by Cheryl Cullen, owner of Visit London Taxi Tours and  as passionate about family history as she is about London.  

Below, Cheryl uses an example from her own family history to demonstrate how just one record from the 1911 census and a little bit of knowledge and imagination can take you back in time and help you connect with your ancestors. 

Your London Ancestry Taxi Tour Adventure Starts Here!