London's Green Huts

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London's Green Huts - we want to tell you all about these strange green huts you can find all over london. It's a bit of a secret and sometimes a bit of a puzzle but we are going to tell you what they are all about.

The secret is out, Time Out posted a great article on the history of London's Green huts, why they exist, who uses them and where you can find them. Yes, that is right, its where some of the 25,000 London cabbies who drive us where we need to be in London stop for a cup of tea, a bacon sandwich and a catch up with friends. But don't worry, anyone can stop and buy a drink and a bite to eat. So, if you ever fancied sitting down for a cuppa with a London Taxi driver, to pass time and set the world to rights, you now know where to go. Check out the fabulous article here.