Marble Arch in London 

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Only some people know the little London secret about Marble Arch, a London Landmark. And many are quite suprised when they find out a little bit more about her and how she was used in the past.

Did you know Marble Arch was a functional police station for over 15 years?

Marble Arch is a 19th-century white marble faced triumphal arch and a London landmark. The structure was designed by John Nash in 1827 and finished by  Edward Blore in 1833.  Marble Arch was to be the state entrance to Buckingham Palace.  In 1851 it was relocated and following the widening of Park Lane in the early 1960s is now sited on a large traffic island at the junction of Oxford Street, Park Lane and Edgware Road. 


 Three small rooms inside the rebuilt arch were used as a police station from 1851 until at least 1968 (John Betjeman made a programme inside it in 1968 and referred to it as a fully functional police station). It firstly housed the royal constables of the Park and later the Metropolitan Police.  So next time I walk under the arch I’m gonna a have a god look around for the door to the rooms!