Coronavirus Safety Policy

Visit London Taxi Tours provide private tours for small groups and families. When travel restrictions have been lifted, we believe our tours will be popular for the following reasons:

• Our private tours keep people away from crowds.
• Our taxis have an existing transparent screen that separates the guests from the guide and creates a safe social distance.
• As a small private tour, we believe hygiene protocols should be easier to follow.

The safety and wellbeing of our staff and guests is paramount. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, our policy position is to follow the protocols and meet the standards created for tour operators by the relevant authority.

We expect our responsibilities to be, once those protocols are shared, to minimise exposure risks, sources of exposure and routes for transmission.

• Each vehicle is sanitised by the guide after every transfer and tour with special attention given to high use areas such as door handle and handrails.
• All our drivers will frequently wash and sanitise hands throughout the day.
• Hand sanitisers and wipes will be available in each taxi for exclusive use of guests.
• Guests will be encouraged to bring their own face mask and gloves, although additional face masks and gloves will be readily available for guests on all tours if needed.
• If the group leave the taxi at any time the guide will remind them to socially distance from others.

Post Tour

To contact all guests in the unlikely event our guides become COVID-19 symptomatic.

COVID-19 Officer

Visit London Taxi Tours has a designated Covid-19 officer who is responsible for:

• Keeping updated with regards to any changes in protocols required and to implement these operationally as a matter of urgency.
• To research any technology such as contact tracing apps that might contribute to a post tour care agenda.
• To ask our guests for feedback on how we manage all the above on tour and have a rapid response to any training needs identified in carry out protocols.
• To strongly encourage our guides to have the COVID –19 antibody test once it becomes publicly available.
• To explore and obtain a Coronavirus Control Certification that best meets the needs of the business and our partners.

Created May 15th, 2020