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Our History

All about Visit London Taxi Tours

So how did it all start? As a family we have a passion for history, family genealogy and London. We also have a big soft spot for the London Taxi Driver as we have 7 London Black Taxi Drivers in our family. That's some of the family  on the right, in theT-shirts, making sure everyone has a great tour.

When you add up all the years they have been driving people safely around London it's over 220 years. Throw all that knowledge and passion into a pot, shake it up, add a little vision, and a dash of love, bake for 6 months, and out pops Visit London Taxi Tours – as simple as that! 

We Listen and Learn!
A visitor told us their real interest was in Art Deco architecture – the fabulous buildings erected in 1920’s and 30’s. We listened,  designed, and  delivered and now Art Deco London is offered as a standard tour and is becoming incredibly popular. and is the only Art Deco Taxi Tour offered in London.

Our London Ancestry Tours.
You don’t have to be an overseas visitor to take a London taxi tour, you might be a UK resident, even a Londoner and want us to put together a family history tour that is unique to you.  Our Ancestry tours  are so emotional and personal, we just love doing them! And of course unique to Visit London Taxi Tours

 Traditional, Unique, Bespoke!
And that's what we are all about really, offering very traditional tours of London alongside many unique taxi tours and tours designed just for you. We love showing London's highlights but we also want to be relevant to people who live in the UK or maybe have a strong connection with London, That's why we developed a London Nostalgia Tour, a fantastic trip down your memory lane. And our overseas visitors, we want to show them a little more than they expected they could get from an Iconic London black taxi tour. If the tours we offer were not exactly what you had in mind, then just tell us what you want to do or see and we make it happen, t for you.  

We Care
We have recently added 7 more brand new London electric taxis to our fleet - keeping London clean. Read more about our
London electric taxis...

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