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How We Are Keeping Busy During Covid-19

Find out what we are doing instead of London taxi tours. We needed to be busy and feel useful while London locks down for Covid - 19

Well as you can imagine, all tours have been postponed while the world deals with the current pandemic. We are really missing all our guests and delivering sightseeing tours toUK visitors.   At Visit London Taxi Tours, we are just not used to twiddling thumbs, so we needed to think of something else to do while we wait for the world to win the war on Covid-19.  

Taxi Transport of NHS staff during Covid-19

We are thrilled to say we have managed to keep busy by supporting London’s homeless and most vulnerable.  We have been collecting homeless people from designated meeting points and taking them for medical assessments.   Then, if needed, take the same person to accommodation where they can safely stay in isolation.  

Visit London Taxi Tours food delivery during covid19
Zoya, preparing the food for us to take to homeless people in isolation

We have been making sure that NHS staff are where they need to be and as swiftly as possible and we have been delivering around 400 meals a day to homeless people shelters.  We think there is a while to go before the crisis is over so plan to crack on providing emergency transport solutions to the London boroughs who need us.  

Otherwise, when this is all over, we can’t wait to see you in London and take you out for a London taxi tour.  Make sure you come back and book with us.