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London's Art Deco 

We have over 100 compelling examples of Art Deco architecture in London. 

We know we are not New York but we really do have some of the most wonderful Art Deco buldings in London. And some of those buildings are still being used for thier original purpose and some are not. Either way, behind the building there is normally a great story as well and we use both to give our guests a wonderful tour of London. So if yo have a soft spot for the design from the roaring 1920’s until the 1930’s. and love the jewellery, photography, clothing and other products with bold shapes, colours and geometric designs then this is a great morning or afternooon out for you.   And at Visit London Taxi Tours we know the whereabouts of every Art Deco building in London worthy of a visit. Here is a short video highlighting just a few examples.