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London's Oldest Pubs 

Some of the oldest pubs in London are uncovered in this great article. Each pub has a story and we want to share that story with you, so lets grab a beer and learn who was drinking where back in the day.

How about having a pint where Londoners have been drinking for 100's of years. Can you imagine that? All the different people that have stood at a  london bar? The locals. the travellers, the young and old. Many of these fine establishments have been frequented by peasants and princes, the rich  and poor  and some of the best known Londoners in times gone by. The pubs have been selected because they are amongst the oldest and even better they have story to tell. And we think if they survived the Great fFre of London, have stood for 100's of years, then we want you to know about them and celebrate them with us. Cheers!

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