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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here are the questions we are asked the most at Visit London Taxi Tours about our taxi tours.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s


Are your taxi tours private tours of London?

Absolutely! Your taxi tour is exclusively yours. It is just you and your chosen companions exploring London. We tailor your London black taxi cab tour to suit your preferences, focusing on the landmarks and iconic buildings you are excited to see while skipping anything you are less interested in.

How long do your taxi tours last?

Our most popular London taxi tours are a 3-hours and 4 hours. Guests often book 5, 6, 7, and 8-hour London taxi tours with us. Want a longer to explore London? Just let us know, and we'll help you craft the perfect itinerary for your London black taxi tour.

What's the cost of a taxi tour?

Our taxi tours are a steal, starting at £350 for up to 6 people. It is value-packed for an unforgettable London black taxi tour experience.

Is the taxi tour price per person?

Nope, the price is for the taxi, not per person. We keep it simple and convenient for your London black taxi tour!

Does the taxi tour include pick-ups and drop-offs?

Yes, indeed! We will fetch you from and finish your London cab tour at any central London location. After your London black taxi tour, we can suggest a thematic drop-off point to maximize your day's experiences, or we can take you back to your original location. Just let us know when you are booking, but if you haven’t made your mind up yet, that’s ok too.  

What's included in the taxi tour?

Your knowledgeable taxi tour guide will provide a live commentary throughout your London black taxi tour, enriching your experience with fascinating insights and stories.

What's not included in the taxi tour?

A few things are not included in the London black taxi tour:

  • Food and refreshments
  • Gratuities (totally at your discretion)
  • Admission charges to attractions

Are there any hidden costs after booking the taxi tour?

No surprises here! The only additional cost would be if you choose to extend your London black taxi tour beyond the booked duration. Also – we have no hidden booking fees either - no surprises when you are checking out!

Does a bespoke taxi tour cost extra?

Not necessarily. Customizing your London taxi tour, like mixing London Highlights with a dash of Harry Potter or Rock n Roll, will not incur extra charges for the London black taxi tour. Get inspired on our bespoke taxi tour page for unique tour ideas then reach out to us to start planning your perfect taxi tour.

How do I book a taxi tour?

Booking a London black taxi tour is a breeze! Do it instantly online, or for a more personal touch, feel free to contact us via email or live chat on our website.

Can you pick me up from a London airport for a taxi tour?

Yes, we offer this service for our London black taxi tours but note that airport locations are outside central London and will have additional costs. For more details, visit us Airport Layover Tours page.

Can we take photo stops during the taxi tour?

Absolutely! We encourage you to capture those memorable London moments on your London black taxi tour. Check out our Visitors' photos and Facebook page for some inspiration. Our guide will be most happy to take group and family photos for you.  

Can we take breaks for coffee or snacks during the taxi tour?

Of course! It is your time and your London black taxi tour. Just let us know when you need a pause for a comfort break or a quick bite.

What if I have mobility issues?

No problem! Our taxi tours can be tailored to minimize or eliminate walking. You will still have a fantastic experience on your London black cab tour.

Do you provide child booster seats for the taxi tour?

We can sometimes. Please give us as much notice as possible, at no extra charge for your London black taxi tour. Our taxis also have room for pushchairs. Our cabs have a glass roof, so kids get a great all-round viewing experience.

Are your taxis wheelchair accessible for the taxi tour?

All our taxis are equipped with ramps and are wheelchair-friendly for your London black taxi tour. If a passenger remains in their wheelchair, it might limit how many people the taxi can accommodate comfortably. We will work with you to ensure everyone's comfort.

Can you accommodate large groups for a taxi tour?

Certainly! With over 30 taxis and guides, we can handle big groups for a London black taxi tour – our record is 8 taxis for 40 people!

How will I know when my guide has arrived for my taxi tour?

We will send you your guide's name and cell number at least 48 hours before your London black taxi tour. They should contact you before your tour to say hi and contact you upon arrival at your pick-up location.

Do you offer taxi tours outside of London?

Yes, we do! Check out our Explore GB collection for exciting taxi tours beyond London, including attractions like Stonehenge from London and Windsor Castle. You can read more about our day trips from London here.

What do your guests say about your taxi tours?

We are proud to have 5 stars on Google and Trip Advisor for our London black taxi tours. Feel free to check our reviews on Trip Advisor, but remember, booking directly through our website avoids extra fees.

Can I request a specific guide for my taxi tour?

We have 30 fantastic guides for our London black taxi tours. If someone has caught your eye, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Is there an emergency contact available during the taxi tour?

Yes, we provide an out-of-hours number in your booking paperwork for any urgent needs during your London black taxi tour.

What if my desired date for a taxi tour is unavailable?

We block out some dates for major London events like Gay Pride or the London Marathon. This is because there will be major road closures on those dates. Otherwise, it is because all our taxis are booked out for London black taxi tours. Email or call us, let’s see what we can do.  

What is your cancellation policy for taxi tours?

We fully refund any London black taxi tour canceled with 24 hours or more notice less any card charges. So, you should get back at least 97% or what you paid for a last-minute cancellation.  

Who takes us on the London black taxi tour?

Your London black taxi tour guide will have passed the world-famous Knowledge of London exam and have on average been driving a London Black Taxi for over 25 years.

Will our taxi guide be a qualified guide of London?

Our London black taxi tour guides have additional tour guide qualifications, which means their knowledge of London history, buildings, places, and people is second to none. Their knowledge and passion for London means that we are confident that whatever taxi tour you choose it will be fun, informative, and memorable.

Can I have a female taxi guide if I want one for my London black taxi tour?

Yes, of course you can. Just give us as much notice as possible, as we might have to move things around to accommodate you, but it is no problem at all.

Can I have an electric taxi for my London black taxi tour?

We have 30 taxis now in our fleet 27 of them are electric taxis so you will get an electric taxi with a glass roof if you book direct. Check out our short You Tube video here  and more about our London electric taxis on our news page It is a little outdated but gives a great description of the new London electric taxi and our green ambition.

Who are Visit London Taxi Tours?

We are a small family business who love London and absolutely love what we do. When we are not booking taxi tours for you, we are out researching London, improving on our own knowledge by reading and visiting sites, or updating our photography.

What should I bring on my London black taxi tour?

We recommend bringing essentials like a camera or smartphone for photos, a small umbrella (just in case!), and comfortable shoes if you plan to do any walking. Also, don’t forget your sense of adventure!

Are there any age restrictions for the London black taxi tour?

Our London black cab tours are family-friendly and suitable for all ages! We strive to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone, from toddlers to seniors.

How do we handle unexpected weather changes during the London black taxi tour?

London's weather can be unpredictable, but a little rain doesn’t stop us! Our taxis provide a cozy shelter, and we will adapt the tour to make the most of your day, rain, or shine.

Can the London black taxi tour be conducted in languages other than English?

At the moment, we only have English-speaking guides.  

Are pets allowed on the London black taxi tour?

Small, well-behaved pets are welcome on our tours. Please inform us when booking so we can make the necessary arrangements. And of course, service dogs are always a VIP guest!

How environmentally friendly are your London black taxi tours?

We are committed to sustainability! Our fleet includes 27 electric taxis out of 30, and we constantly seek ways to minimize our environmental footprint while providing top-notch London cab tours.

What if I have special requests or interests for the London black taxi tour?

We love making each tour unique! Whether it’s visiting specific sites, focusing on certain historical periods, or accommodating special needs, let us know, and we will tailor the tour to your interests.