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Our Top 5 London Black Taxi Tours

While we are twiddling thumbs we thought we would tell you about our top 5 black taxi tours of london and why people choose them.

Well of course right now we would be really busy getting ready to deliver 100’s of black taxi tours of London through spring and summer! But if you look at the last blog post you can see we are busy helping London’s homeless during these difficult times.  We hope you guys are fine and managing as well as you can during the Covid – 19 situation.  

So, while we are twiddling thumbs so to speak, we thought we would tell you about our 5 most popular tours last year and why people chose them.  So when the world goes back to normal and you are on your way you know what london taxi tour you might want to take. Here goes…

In 1st place is our  Highlights Taxi Tour . Always a favorite if it’s your first visit to London and you want to see and hear about London’s most iconic buildings.  It’s traditional London sightseeing at its best, but away from the crowds in your own private London black taxi and with an expert guide.

London Highlights Taxi Tour with Visit London Taxi Tours

In 2nd place is our Secret London Taxi Tour . This is the tour people love to take if they have been to London once or twice before but want to see something different.  No two Secret London taxi tours are the same because every one of our guides knows their own secret spots that they love to take people to.  But what we can promise is a wow moment on every black taxi tour.

Secret London Taxi Tour with Visit London Taxi Tours

In 3rd place is our London Layover Taxi Tour. So, these black taxi tours are for travelers who find themselves at a London airport on a layover, waiting for a connecting flight. If there isn’t a huge amount of time we might whisk you to Windsor Castle for a tour. Or, if you have at least 8 hours, we are confident we can collect you, give you a wonderful 4 hour London taxi tour and get you back in time for your connecting flight!   You guys are amazing, you never fail to impress us with your stamina and thirst for adventure on a layover taxi tour of London.

Our favourite Layover Tour ever! Everyone got a marmalade sandwich.

In 4th place is the amazing Harry Potter Taxi Tour. Now you would be wrong if you thought this 3 hour black cab tour was for the kids!  The 1st Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, was released in 2001 so those 10-year old’s and original Harry Potter fans are now in their 30’s!  However, if it is your children who are the new Harry Potter fans, don’t worry you still get to see some of the best of London as places like St Paul’s, The Tower of London and the Millennium Bridge were all used for film locations.

We have joint 5th place, our London Rock Cab Tour and our London by Night Taxi Tour.  Our rock guests just love the way our rock cab tours of London can be personalized to suit the music genres and artists they adore.  If you are mad about the Beatles for example,then we can spend 3 hours showing you all the historical Beatles spots on tour. Maybe your tastes are heavy rock or from a more recent decade?  If you name it our guides know it and give you the London rock tour you want!  And you can always tell us in advance what you would like to see and hear about most.  

And our London by Night taxi tour, a real favorite for when people want a different perspective, feel a different vibe, see the sun go down and the lights come on.  People feel very safe seeing London at night on a London black taxi tour with a London taxi driver, who knows the city like the back of their hand. A tour for romantics, nightowls, theater goers and photographers.