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The Fantastic Harry Potter Guide to London

Fans of Harry Potter will be spoiled for choice in London, with so many Harry Potter attractions to choose from. Harry Potter Guide to London

If you’re visiting town for even a few days and you want to experience the magic of Harry Potter in London you’ll be able to find lots of things to tempt you in our fantastic Harry Potter Guide to London. In our guide there are some  Harry Potter attractions listed that you can  just rock up to and visit on the day, others you might need to reserve or pre-book.  Have a magic time Muggles, whatever you choose to do.

Harry Potter Taxi Tour

There are lots of locations from the Harry Potter movies in and around Central London and many of them are also key sights of the city, but ticking them all off can be an exhausting task. One way to make sure you don’t miss a thing is with a Harry Potter taxi tour, which will cover all of the main Harry Potter movie locations in the city, plus a few hidden secrets too.  This tour is perfect for Potterheads as well as the rest of the family, who, as if by magic, will enjoy a fantastic sightseeing experience of London.

With your 3 hour private Harry Potter taxi tour, you’ll get an expert local guide who will pick you up from your central London hotel.  Your guide  can fill you in with all the insider knowledge and make sure you get to see all the key Harry Potter film locations in London including Platform 9 ¾, the Leaky Cauldron and the real life Diagon Avenue.  There will be plenty of time to stop for photos and capture your London Harry Potter memories. Book your tour in advance as they often sell out.

 Although one of the best ways to see all of the Harry Potter Movie locations in London is with a taxi tour, we think you might also find some of these Harry Potter attractions great things to do while you are here.

Georgian House Hotel, Wizard Chambers

Want the full Wizard experience in London? Stay in a Hogwarts themed hotel room at the Georgian House Hotel, where the Wizard Chamber is concealed behind a bookcase and decked out in Gothic touches. You’ll spy cauldrons in fireplaces, atmospheric lighting and an old castle theme running through all of the rooms in the Wizard Chambers.

Cocktails at The Cauldron

The immersive experience continues at The Cauldron, where aspiring Wizards can mix their own magic potions and even imbibe them. Yes, that means you can make Wizard themed cocktails…

 Located in the land of experimental drinking dens, EastLondon, you’ll need to book tickets to enjoy a night out at The Cauldron. The Experience lasts around 1 hour 45 mins and includes a magic wand and two concoctions which you brew yourself. Bear in mind that this is an adult experience, so no under 18’s are permitted to visit The Cauldron.

Afternoon Tea at The Potion Rooms

Young Harry Potter fans will love this family friendly experience in Soho. Located in Cutter and Squidge, head downstairs into the basement to enjoy a hands on potion mixing and dining experience.

 Enjoyed as an afternoon tea, the Wizards in residence will help you mix your own delicious potions , serve up plenty of tasty treats and there are a few surprises as well! Potion Rooms is suitable for children over 8, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult.

House of Minalima

Part museum, part shop, House of Minalima is run by a couple who worked on the designs of the Harry Potter movies. Visitors to the shop can enjoy the artwork and some original items from the movies, and if you want to find a truly unique Harry Potter themed souvenir from London, you’ll find it here.

The School of Magic Escape Room

If you love a challenge, see if you can solve the riddles and puzzles at the School of Magic. This escape room in east London will get your mind working to see if you can make off with the alchemist’s stone before it’s guardians return.

Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzle and save the world from falling into the hands of The Dark Lord?

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

All the action and excitement of the Harry Potter series is even more thrilling when you see it live. This hugely popular West End Theatre production is a must see for fans of Harry Potter visiting London, with shows currently scheduled until January 2021.

The story is a wholly original addition to the Harry Potter canon and has won numerous awards for both the story telling and the technical stage accomplishment. Fans of both Harry Potter and musical stage will be thrilled…

The Harry Potter Studios Tour

If you want to see where all the magic took place, head on the genuine Harry Potter studio tour in Watford, just outside London. Wander the actual sets from the movie, including Diagon Alley and Hogwarts itself, as well as the Forbidden Forest and the secret platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross station.

This hugely popular tour is regularly booked up in advance, so you will definitely need to organise tickets before you arrive to avoid disappointment. Be aware also that the Harry Potter studios are not within London, but around an hours coach or train ride out of town.

ZSL: Reptile House

London Zoo is a great place to visit for all the family, and it also includes a key location from the Harry Potter movies. The Reptile House, within the grounds of London Zoo, was where Harry speaks to a python and then accidentally frees it.

You’ll need to buy tickets to London Zoo (ZSL) to be able to visit this location, although we do recommend it.

Harry Potter Pub Quiz

Test your knowledge against other Potter fans at one of the many regular Harry Potter pub quizzes. The pub quiz is kinda a British institution and a great way to both enjoy the ambiance of a British pub, while indulging your love of trivia.

Wizardry host regular Potter pub quizzes in various locations, mostly around Central London. You’ll need to book before arrival, but bring your Harry Potter paraphernalia and prepare to flex your brain muscles...

Want to experience Harry Potter’s London with the whole family (or a group of Potter mad friends)? Checkout our Harry Potter taxi tour of London. It’s one of our most popular and gives you a great way to see the city from the back of your private (and very iconic) ride.

Primark Harry Potter Collection

Do you feel the need to dress for the occasion?  Would an invisibility cloak, a wand or a Hogwarts scarf help you blend in whatever the Harry Potter attraction?  While in London you might want to check out Primark and their awesome  Harry Potter collection.  Whether you are in the house of Gryffindor or Slytherin you are going to find something  you would like to wear here. And it's not just fashion, they have gone potty across fashion accessories and stationary as well. There isn’t a Potterhead that wouldn’t feel the magic looking at all this Harry Potter merchandise.