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Ancestry Taxi Tour

Programmes like “Who Do You Think You Are” have us glued to our seats while we watch the amazing family histories of celebrities unravel before us. As interesting as their stories are, often including heroes, wealth, poverty and skulduggery, the family history and genealogy that’s most fascinating and most meaningful to us, is in fact, our own. With more and more records becoming available online many of us have uncovered our own family history and genealogy and now know where our ancestors lived in London centuries into the past. We know for example, the churches or synagogues they were married in, the courts they appeared at and the workhouses where they took respite from poverty. Visit London Taxi Tours are very excited to offer you your very own, very personal Ancestry Taxi Tour of London.

Tour Price
per taxi/ up to 5 people 

Contact us to discuss your tailor made taxi tour and prices by email or phone.
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3 Hour Taxi Tour
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Your Taxi Tour Will Include:

How does it work?

You give us all of the key ancestry information you have uncovered and the London addresses or places of interest that are most important to you and would like to visit. 

We take this information and plan a tour so you can visit and spend time at all the sites. As well as taking you to ancestral locations which may or may not still be there, whenever possible we look for and take you to other close by buildings or sites of interest that would have, for example, been used visited or walked past by the family member you are interested in. 

This will enable you to build up a picture in your mind on how life really used to be when your ancestors lived in that place and time and an opportunity to really connect with the past. 

And between each London site we visit our London Taxi Tour Guide will be pointing out sites of interest, adding real value for money for the price of your Ancestry Tour.

Mix It Up a Bit for the Perfect Taxi Tour

More About Your Iconic London Black Taxi Tour

Your private ancestry taxi tour will be a uniquely powerful and emotive experience to say the least.   

With your family history, our own London research and a little bit of imagination we will take you on a journey across London and into the past.  At the end of the tour the question ‘who do you think you are’ will have become redundant, and you can stand there confidently and say ‘I know who I am! 

All of the London historical research, relevant to your ancestral tour will be undertaken by Cheryl Cullen, owner of Visit London Taxi Tours and  as passionate about family history as she is about London.  

Below, Cheryl uses an example from her own family history to demonstrate how just one record from the 1911 census and a little bit of knowledge and imagination can take you back in time and help you connect with your ancestors. 

Your London Ancestry Taxi Tour Adventure Starts Here!

Just so you know

· Our Iconic London Black Taxis can accommodate up to 5 adults

· The booking price is for the taxi tour and not per person

· However, if 5 people take a 2 hour tour it works out to just £15.00 per person, per hour! 

· Party of 6? Please contact us and we will arrange a bigger taxi at no extra cost

· Click on our ‘What to Expect’ link for information on pick up, drop off and cancellations

Let London Happen to You

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What to expect

Your London Taxi Tour Guide
All of our London taxi tour guides have passed the world famous Knowledge of London exam and have on average been driving a London Black Taxi for over 25 years.  In addition, many of our London taxi tour guides have additional tour guide qualifications which means their knowledge of London history, buildings, places and people is second to none. Their knowledge and passion for London means that we are confident that whatever tour you chose it will be fun, informative and memorable. Your Taxi Tour Guide will also have numerous anecdotes and personal stories to share with you on that day!
Pick Ups Your Taxi Tour Guide will pick you up from your London hotel or any other central London location that suits you. We will send you a SMS text to let you know your Taxi Tour Guide has arrived.
Drop offs When your private tour is finished we can either recommend a drop off point that is in keeping with your themed tour to maximise the sights you see and fun you have that day. Otherwise we would be happy to drop you off anywhere in central London that suits you.
People and people with disabilities
Each Taxi can accommodate between 5 or 6 people. Just let us know how many people will be taking the tour when you book.
All of our taxis are wheelchair accessible. However, if a person remains in the wheelchair for the duration of the tour it may limit the number of people the taxi can accommodate comfortably.  Just let us know and we will work it all out. Collapsible wheelchairs and child pushchairs can be stored in the front of the taxi cab.
Making your tour the perfect London Taxi Tour
If you want to see a particular sight on your private tour and don’t know if we cover it, just let us know and we will make it happen.
If you see something on the taxi tour that really catches your eye and you want to stop to take a better look just tell your Taxi Tour Guide. Along with your full tour commentary there will be plenty of opportunities to stop and take photographs. Our London Taxi Tour Guide will be happy to take photos of your group, just ask.

If you would like a 4 hour private tour with two different themes and a nice lunch break in the middle, or a 4 hour tour with a lunch break  – just tell us, we want to make it all work for you. You will only be charged the price of a 4 hour London Taxi Tour.

Need a comfort break? Coffee or quick refreshment? Just tell us. It’s your time and your London Taxi Tour.

The price is for the hire of the London Taxi Tour and Guide and not per person.
Always at your discretion

Our cancellations policy.
Taxi tours cancelled on the same day or with less than 24 hours’ notice are non-refundable.
What’s not included in the price of your taxi tour?
+ Any admission fees
+ The cost of refreshment or meals
Language translation through our partner Language Line – see below
A second tour
Loved your London Taxi Tour and want to do another but with a different theme?  You are guaranteed a £25.00 discount on the price of your second 3 or 4 hour tour.  Ask your taxi guide for 2nd the London Taxi Tour discount code.  
If you don’t speak English
If you don’t speak English and our London Taxi Tour Guide does not speak your first language we have a solution. We have partnered with Language Line. They offer our tour customers a pay as you go telephone interpreting services in over 240 languages, connecting you instantly to the language and interpreter you require. Read more about Language Line here.


Visitor Photos

Our tour far exceeded our expectations. We thought 4 hours might be a little hard work but the time flew by. 4 hours and 500 years of London history, a great idea with a very knowledgeable guide, Alan, to bring it all together.

Maggie and Friends. Happy Customer

I have been lucky enough to have takentours in many great cities but I have to say this was one of the best. We had a very knowledgeable taxi guide, he really took time to work out what we wereinterested in, apart for the royal family, and made the tour really work for us. Would certainly recommended this company to any of my family and friends visiting London.

Petra J. Happy Customer